Violence and memory are the concepts which interest me in order to construct my imagery to make a cut out, get on stage, give another look at our surrounding reality.

Irony and shape are the strategies I use, sometimes, to sustain this look.

The representation of beef cuts in the first stage of my production and the use of animal skins in the second stage were chosen for their metaphoric relation to man, as well as for being parts of a contained life.

I used cowhide, horse bristles to construct image that give rise to installation forms and sculpture objects.

I investigate the possibilities of the skin and the strain generated in the encounter with other materials or every day objects.

Marcela Astorga


Marcela Astorga

Born in Mendoza, Argentina
Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Her work is included in public and private collections, such as The Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, MACRO. Museum of Contemporary Art of Rosario in Argentina, the Júmex Foundation/Collection in México, the CIFO Cisneros Fontanals art Foundation in United States, and the Zabludowicz Collection in London.


Solo Exhibitions / Actions

Óculo libra. Action. Buenos Aires. Argentina

Óculo in my house. Action. Buenos Aires. Argentina

Óculo. Action. Demolition/Construction group of artists. Adviser: Gerardo Mosquera. Córdoba. Argentina

Marcela Astorga. Dabbah Torrejón gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wild Territory. ED space of contemporary Art and Design. Mendoza. Argentina.

What a Hunter! KBK Contemporary Art Gallery. Mexico City, Federal District


Intervention. Cultural Center of Spain. Buenos Aires, Argentina


Marcela Astorga. Baltar Contemporary Space. Mar del Plata, Argentina


A Matter of Skin. Luisa Pedrouzo Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina


Skinning (Revealing Others.) Juana de Arco Space. Buenos Aires, Argentina


Something Smells Rotten. Giesso Reich Space Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Folk Christmas. Installation. Recoleta Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Folk Christmas. Installation. Recoleta Cultural Center.


The Look. Mendoza Province House. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Selected Group Exhibitions

How to philosophize with a hammer. Curator: Raúl Zamudio. White box NYC. USA.

Surfaces of the desire. Museum University of Contemporary Art. DF. México.

Palmario. Curator: Ana Gallardo. D21 Gallery. Santiago de Chile. Chile.

Art for Human Right. Cels 30 years. House of the National Endowment for the Arts. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Essays and Diversions. Curator: Horacio Zabala. National Endowment for the Arts. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Macro incorporations 2010: The crisis as prospectus. Curator: Nancy Rojas.
Museum Contemporary art of Rosario. Argentina.

Counting thoughts. Curator: Mayssa Fattouh. The Running Horse Contemporary Art Space. Beirut. Lebanon.

Interstices. Works from the Júmex Collection, México. Curators: Edelbert Köb y
Victor Zamudio-Taylor. MUMOK Museum moderner kunst. Viena. Austria.

Foundation Andreani Prize 09/10. Museum of Provincial Fine arts Emilio Caraffa. Cordoba. Argentina.

MIP2 - Manifestação Internacional de Performance. With Demolition/ Construction. Belo Horizonte. Brasil.

Las entrañas del arte un relato material (S.XVII- XXI). Curator: Gabriela Siracusano. Imago Space of art. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Drawing Nothing. 9.99 Projects. City of Guatemala. Guatemala.

Platt Prize. Gallery Isidro Miranda. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Garden of delights. Yeosu Art Festival. Curator: Raúl Zamudio. Korea.

Domus. Curator: Jorge López Anaya. Fundación Klemm. Buenos Aires.

Femaco. México Contemporary Art Fair. Dabbah-Torrejón Gallery. México DF.

ARTEBA. Art Fair of Buenos Aires. Dabbah-Torrejón Gallery. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Fortunate Objects: Selección de la Colección Ella Fontanals Cisneros.
CIFO. Miami. USA.

FIAC París. Feria. Gal.KBK arte contemporáneo. Paris. France.

An Archaeology. Curadora: Elizabeth Neilson. Colección Zabludowicz.
Project Space 176. London. England.

ARTE GIRA 07. Meca Mediterráneo Centro Artístico. Almería. Spain.

ARTEBA. Art Fair of Buenos Aires. Dabbah-Torrejón Gallery. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

MACO. Mexico Contemporary Art fair. Dabbah-Torrejón Gallery. México DF. México.

Summer. Dabbah-Torrejón Gallery. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Art Basel Miami. KBK Contemporary Art Gallery. USA.

Artbo. Bogota Art Fair. Dabbah Torrejón Gallery. Colombia.

Open Study. Post Office Palace. Curator: Ana M. Battistozzi. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Aesthetic Conscience - Historical Conscience. Homage to Pablo Suárez
Curator: Rosa María Ravera. Fundación Klemm. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Fundacion Klemm Prize. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Maco Mexico Contemporary Art. Gal. KBK Contemporary Art. Mexico City, Federal District.

Torrejón Dabbah. Dabbah Torrejón Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

ArteBA. Art Fair of Buenos Aires. Torrejón Gallery-Dabbah Gal. Buenos Aires.

Review of the Mamba Collection. Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art, Argentina.

CANTV Salon. Youth with FIA. (Latin American Art Fair). Invited guest. Curator: Alberto Asprino. Caracas, Venezuela.

FIA (Latin American Art Fair). KBK Contemporary Art Gallery.Caracas, Venezuela.

CULTURAL CHANDON 2005 Prize. Selected. Timoteo Navarro Museum. Tucumán, Argentina.

AFFORDABLE ART FAIR. KBK Contemporary Art Gallery. New York, USA.

ARTISSIMA Art Fair.. KBK Contemporary Art Gallery. Turín, Italy.

ARTBO. Art Fair of Bogotá. Dabbah Torrejón Gallery. Bogota. Colombia.

Rosario National Salon. Selected. Castagnino Museum of Fine Arts. Rosario,

ARCO. Madrid Art Fair. FUTURIBLES. Curator: Gustavo Buntix. KBK Contemporary Art Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

Marcela Astorga- Leonel Luna. Curator: Samuel Morales. KBK Contemporary Art Gallery. Mexico, Federal District.

ARTEBA. Buenos Aires Fair. Gal. Luisa Pedrouzo. Argentina.

Objects/ Installations. Curator: Jorge López Anaya. Fundación Klemm. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Invited Guest.

NATIONAL BIENNIAL OF BAHIA BLANCA. Museum of Contemporary Art. Bahía Blanca, Argentina.

ARCO International Art Galleries Fair Latest Tendencies. Museum of Modern Art. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Recoleta Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


NEW MEDIA PRIZE. E. Sívori Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

BANCO NACION PRIZE. Recoleta Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

ROSARIO NATIONAL SALON. Juan B. Castagnino Fine Arts Museum. Rosario, Argentina.

ARTEBA Luisa Pedrouzo Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Plastic Artists together with Active Memory. Recoleta Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Vespers (Eves). Giesso Reich Space Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Handmade Bodies. Luján Fine Arts Provincial Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Showthebag. Giesso Reich Space Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

XX Years Later Plastic Artist Against Oblivion and Impunity. Recoleta Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Avon with Women on Women`s Day. Recoleta Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Passion for Frida. Homage Exhibit organized by Mexican Entities. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

a:e,iou. Recoleta Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Braque Prize Objects. Granted by the French Embassy. Banco Patricios Foundation. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Avon Salon Tandil Fine Arts Municipal Museum. Tandil, Buenos Aires Province, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The State of Things. Wall Painting. Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Avon Salon. La Plata Fine Arts Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Quilmes National Biennial Exhibit. Municipal Museum of Visual Arts. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Braque-Objetos Prize. Banco Patricios Foundation. Awarded by the French Embassy.


Grant to creation
National Endowment for the Arts.
Buenos Aires. Argentina

Special Mention of the Jury. Cultural Chandon.
Timoteo Navarro Museum.
Tucumán, Argentina.

Fundación Antorchas
Subsidy to Artistic Creativity

Madinina Workshop.
Martinica. France
Invited Artist

Bahia Blanca National Biennial. Contemporary Arts Museum

Fundación Antorchas Scholarship.
Scenic Experimentation Workshop.

Mention. Wall on “Defense of The Public University”.
School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism,
University of Buenos Aires

Mention. Avon Salon

Mention. La Cuadra Salon


MADININA Workshop.
Martinica, France
Invited Guest


II International Symposium of Visual Studies
UNAL Autonomous University of Nuevo León. Monterrey. México.


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